Upper Midwest Gourmet


To offer outstanding customer service, to be recognized as a progressive in the Café industry, to be dedicated to proper training and artisan techniques, to offer a vast array of product variety while keeping quality and cost effectiveness top priorities, to maintain high standards of environmental consciousness through the use of Eco-friendly energy solutions like solar and wind power, to maintain social awareness and activism by offering products that are organic and fair trade certified, and to never forget our responsibility to the community.


About UMG

While attending school at the Spanish American Institute in Sevilla Espana, I fell in love with the daily ritual of sipping espresso at one of the many caffés in my neighborhood. The fresh espresso and pastry I enjoyed every morning were deeply missed when I returned to the United States. While other Americans were flocking to a new company called Starbucks, the quality of products available in this country were still not to the level I experienced while living in Europe. I decided to make it my mission to try and bring the Euro Caffé style to the Midwest. In 1993 I decided it was time to launch Upper Midwest Gourmet and A Fine Grind Caffé near my Alma Matter, the University of St.Thomas.finegrindbanner.gif

I started out by sourcing the highest quality products I could find and testing them in our own Caffé, A Fine Grind, which still operates successfully today. The Caffé allowed me to get instant feedback from consumers. As a result I was one of the first coffeehouses not only in the Midwest, but in the country to offer Chai Tea. The ability to identify and serve new and profitable products continued with Gelato, Acai, Yerba Maté, Boba Tea, Italian espresso, and Organic Fair Trade Coffee. I visit Italy regularly and drag my staff around the globe so we can be on the leading edge when it comes to identifying new trends and innovative ways for our customers to grow and expand their businesses. Whether sipping espresso up in the Italian Dolomites near the Austrian border or high atop the lemon groves down south in Sorrento, it’s is a tough job, but we’re happy to do it for you.

When you buy products or equipment from Upper Midwest Gourmet, all of my staff has hands-on knowledge of how to use the equipment in your store and make our products correctly. We will not deliver product and equipment to you and then walk away. Upper Midwest Gourmet is committed to helping you with training at our facility and your own.To this day, I am still discriminating when it comes to our product selection. My criteria for picking any product are based on quality ingredient, sustainability and taste. Upper Midwest Gourmet offers the best products, made with natural ingredients and the best flavorings available, all at competitive prices. We will not sacrifice quality or service for price.I feel it also our mission to protect our environment whenever possible by choosing sustainable eco-friendly products whenever available. Our facility is powered by a 10 Kilowatt Solar Grid. All of the coffee we buy under our Flamenco label is certified Fair Trade and Organic. I stock paper cups made with recycled material and plastic cups made with corn oil instead of petroleum. This is just a small example of some of what Upper Midwest Gourmet offers to protect ours and our children’s future. I understand that our success is directly dependent on the growth and success of your business. Upper Midwest Gourmet welcomes the opportunity to work with you; share information and ideas; give you tips on the best ways to prepare and market products; train you and your staff; answer your questions and help you find cost effective solutions.UMG CREW.jpg I will continue to expand our staff and facilities so that we are well positioned to accommodate your growth and respond quickly and efficiently to your needs and that of the industry. Please call, contact us, or stop by our showroom in Minneapolis any time for more information.

Cheers, David Chall

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