Upper Midwest Gourmet works hard to be on the cutting edge of the industry and carrying these new “Flamenco Coffee Stands” is no exception. One-cup at a time, or better yet, 4-cups at a time, pour-over coffee brewing is starting to make it’s way into many cafes and we are on board. This is a great way to showcase certain origins and create a more artisan approach to coffee brewing. All variables can be manually controlled with this brewing system. From water tempertature, to turbulance, to brew time; all variables are in the palm of your hand with this awesome coffee brewing stand.

Flamenco Stand, 4-cup Manual Pour-Over Coffee Brewing Station

Solid wood, 4-cup Manual Pour-Over Coffee Brewing Station. Comes with 4 Melitta Single-Cup brewers. Solid, sturdy design makes for a perfect brewing station for the cafe or at home.


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