What a hot spring and summer we have had this year and we haven’t hit the really hot months yet! Let’s hope business continues to improve for everyone with these beautiful days!

The weather will be turning even warmer, though, which means cold drinks like iced espresso drinks, cold press coffee, smoothies, frappes, iced tea, and lemonade are going to continue to pick up. It also means that those of you that are making gelato will continue to see some serious sales increases.

We have been really busy making some serious improvements around here with a focus to better serve you, and want to let you all know again how much we appreciate your business!

Please check out our newest Brewsletter – Volume 47 – Spring/Summer 2012

Also, please go to the Brewsletters Page on our website to download and read previous Brewsletters. They contain lots of useful information!

Enjoy and thanks again from all of us at UMG!