Synesso is committed to fulfilling the desires of coffee enthusiasts around the world. Staying on the cutting edge of innovation and technology, they strive to design the most barista friendly, dependable, and responsive equipment on the market. Each machine is handcrafted with Synesso’s unique design and quality performance. They believe in the importance of growing our business organically alongside the increasing quality of specialty roasters like Flamenco Organic Coffee Company.

The Cyncra™

Synesso’s flagship model, the Cyncra™, has been produced since 2004. It rapidly gained a devoted following amongst baristas and owners at high-end cafes around the world and continues to impress clients today with its stability, durability and ongoing pursuit of perfection.

Well-known for its remarkably stable PID temperature control and independent groups, the Cyncra™ has numerous other features that make it one of the top traditional commercial espresso machines in the world.

3 group Cyncra with cupriserAmong the favorite features are:

  • Cool touch steam wands
  • Exposed groups
  • Lever-actuated steam wands
  • Incredible thermal stability
  • Hot water mix valve
  • Piezo hot water button
  • Advanced electronics and wired controller

The Hydra™ and The Hybrid™

The Hydra™ was developed in anticipation of the new wave of interest in pressure profiling in the espresso industry. Mark Barnett, Synesso’s owner and product developer, realized that the best machine platform for pressure profiling required a separate pump and motor per group. He took the popular Cyncra™ platform and redesigned the water inlet system and added additional pumps and motors and all the associated controls.

The result is multiple fully independent brew systems, which enable the barista to program different pressures to optimize roast extraction, as well as to brew on one group while preinfusing on the other without adversely affecting system pressure. Multiple pumps and motors too, add to the built-in redundancy of parts which promotes uptime for busy cafes.

The Hybrid™ is a revolutionary new idea in the espresso industry. Originating from the unique configuration of the Hydra™, Synesso™ allows the user to determine their unique combination of volumetric and manual groups. In other words, if you’d like a volumetric group head next to a manual group, no problem. Two manuals and one volumetric? You got it. And the best part is that this is available for the same cost as a Hydra™; no extra charge for your dream configuration. Pretty awesome, right? That’s what we thought.

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