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Introducing a new line from Mocafe Organics, of USDA Organic Certified Frappes with no compromise on flavor.


3 reasons to switch to Mocafe Organics frappes:

  1. Organic Food is the Fastest Growing Segment of Food Sales in North America! U.S. organic food sales have grown between 17 and 21 percent each years since 1997, to nearly triple in sales, while total U.S. food sales over this time period grew in range of only 2 to 4 percent a year.
  2. Heathier, Pesticide-Free Frappes. Coffee and cocoa are the most heavily sprayed crops in the world. Pesticides used frequently include chemicals such as infamous organochlorine pesticide Lindane, linked to severe health problems.
  3. Better Quality, Pure Ingredients from Small Artisan Farmers Means Better Tasting Drinks Guaranteed. Organic chocolate quality starts with healthy soil, the best varieties and careful attention from the farmer. Our cocoa beans are supplied by over 600 small scale organic farmers who are partners in the Yacao project in the Dominican Republic.


Pure Organic Flavors:usda_organic_logo_rgb-5.jpg

(10 lb. coffee bar box)

  • Dominican Mocha

  • Vera Cruz Caffe Latte

  • Belizian Vanilla Latte

  • Dominican Mocha (No Coffee)



Bubble tea originated in Taiwan in the early 1980′s at a small tea stand. When brewed tea was infused with fruit flavors, it required shaking which resulted in bubbles. The formation of bubbles in the tea stimulated the introduction of tapioca pearls, which bear a resemblance to the bubbles in the shaken tea. As they sat on the bottom of a clear glass, the pearl resembling bubbles soon became known as bubble tea. The consistency of tapioca pearls are somewhere between jell-o and chewing gum. With minimal effort and investment you can be serving a beverage that will call attention to your business.

Mocafe Bubble Tea with Green Tea:

(4 x 3 lb. bags per case)

  • Original Green Tea

  • Honey Green Tea

  • Honeydew Green Tea

  • Mango Green Tea

  • Thai Tea

Mocafe Bubble Tea without Green Tea:

(4 x 3 lb. bags per case)

  • Almond

  • Coconut

  • Mango

  • Papaya

  • Plum

  • Taro Root

  • Star Fruit

  • Green Apple

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