What are these “Bluestripe” cups all about?

  • We can ship these all year long so you can lower your inventory and not worry about running short on a hot week when we can’t ship.
  • You can pour HOT espresso into the cup without it turning into a balloon.
  • They are easier to recycle than PLA cold cups and go into your common plastic recyling bin.
  • Using recycled PET saves resources, keeps waste out of landfills, and lets you make a smart choice without compromising performance.
  • Did I mention they are a little less expensive too (just a little, but hey, every dollar counts).
  • The lids and cups are the same diameter as your current Eco Products PLA so don’t worry about having to waste any of your current inventory.

Cups: Available in 12 oz, 16 oz, 20 oz, & 24 oz.

Lids: Universal lid fits all sized cups!  Flat

(Cups & Lids come 1000/case except 24oz cups come 600/case)

What are these “Greenstripe” cups all about?

  • The Eco-Products “Greenstripe” Corn Oil cup is a line of premium cold drink cups and lids that are naturally based and fully compostable. They are made entirely from the renewable resources of Nebraska corn.

  • Thermoformed from NatureWorks Poly Lactic Acid (PLA), PLA is a polymer derived entirely from natural corn starches. It is 100% annually renewable and is fully compostable in municipal and industrial facilities.

  • This cup offers an exciting “natural alternative” to environmentally conscious retailers and consumers seeking ways to make their products more ecologically responsible.

  • As consumers become increasingly committed to protecting their environment the demand for biodegradable materials will increase. Retailers who use environmentally friendly products will distinguish themselves from competitors. Eco-Products drink cups meet the needs of consumers and the environment alike.


Cups: Available in 12 oz, 16 oz, 20 oz, & 24 oz.

Lids: Universal lid fits all sized cups! Domed or Flat

(Cups & Lids come 1000/case)

Completely Biodegradable in 50 days!




(For pricing or additional product information, please Contact Us. Thank you.)