6″ Sugarcane Plates – 1000/case – perfect for desserts (special order item)

9″ Sugarcane Plates – 500/case – perfect for hot and cold meals

10″ Sugarcane Plates – 500/case – perfect for hot and cold meals


UMG is happy to annouce that Biodegradable Flatware & Cutlery is NOW IN STOCK!

Forks, Knives, & Spoons (All Medium weight & size / Completely Biodegradable)

Just another ECO option that we are proud to carry.

6-inch-clamshell-large-pla.jpg 6-inch-clamshell-large-sugar.jpg 9-inch-large-clamshell-sugar.jpg

We now introduce the NEW:

6″ Corn Oil Based “PLA” Clamshells – 250/case – Perfect for fruit, salads, or pastries.

6″ Sugarcane Based Clamshells – 500/case – Perfect for any hot or cold food.

8″ Sugarcane Based Clamshells – (Single Compartment) – 200/case – Perfect for any hot or cold food.

9″ Sugarcane Based Clamshells (Single Compartment) - 200/case – Perfect for any hot or cold food.

9″ Sugarcane Based Clamshells (3 compartment/divided) – 200/case – Perfect for any hot or cold food

Our sugarcane hinged clamshells are made from sugarcane fibers. This annually-renewable resource is made into compostable products with a similar look and feel to paper. And unlike Styrofoam, our sugarcane clamshells will completely compost under commercial composting conditions in just 45-60 days.
Great for hot and cold foods, sugarcane Clamshells won’t soak up grease and liquids, so they’re perfect for burgers, fries and other to-go food.


Coffee Filters:

  • Commercial Size Bunn Filters For Airpots – (1000 filters per case)
  • Extra Large Bunn System II/Rock 5650B Coffee Filters – (500 filters per case) 

8-oz-soup-container.jpg 12-oz-soup-container.jpg16-oz-soup-container.jpg32-oz-soup-container.jpg

Eco Paper Soup Bowls:

  • Our new fully compostable soup container is lined with a compostable bio plastic.  These innovative containers are made using two renewable resources: corn and paper.
  • Available in 8oz (1000/case), 12oz, 16oz, & 32oz (500/case)
  • Clear vented PLA eco lid available. 8oz (1000 lids/case) & universal lid for 12oz, 16oz, & 32oz (500 lids/case)

category_resize1.jpgcatonmove.jpgbeverage-logo.gif 160-bevmove.jpglbpfilling_sm1.jpg

Beverage On The Move – To Go Containers:

  • 96 oz. Container – (25/case)
  • Condiment Caddy Attachment – (100/case)
  • Lunch Box (9.5 x 7.5 x 3.625) (Gloss White) – (100/case)
  • Lunch Box (8 x 6 x 4) (Kraft) – (100/case)
  • 4 Cup Caddy or Holder – (6 7/16 x 6 7/16 x 8 3/8) (Kraft) – (200/case)


Paper Stuffs:

  • Xpressnap Dispensers & Napkins
  • Mainstreet Eco Towels *Made from 100% recycled fiber! (210 sheets/roll) (12 rolls/case)
  • Tri-fold Napkins (24 sleeves with 334 napkins per sleeve) (8016 napkins per case)
  • Bath Tissue (500 per case)
  • 2-Ply Roll Paper Towels – Soft White
  • White Roll Dispenser Paper Napkin/Towel (12/500 per case)
  • Kleenex Tissues
  • Toilet Paper


Drink Accessories:

  • Eco Wooden Stir Sticks 7.5″ – (10,000 stir sticks per case)
  • Eco PLA Clear Straws 7.75″ (wrapped & unwrapped)
  • Eco PLA Green Straws 7.75″ (wrapped)
  • Eco PLA Clear Straws 9.5″ (wrapped)

Garbage Bags:

  • Bio-Bag Can Liners (23-25 gallon Slim Jim) (280 count)

Disposable Gloves

  • Poly Disposable Gloves; Size Medium:  (10/100) (full case discount available)


Bakery Paper Goods:

  • Bakery Bags #4 (500 bags per case)
  • Bakery Tissue (6 x 10.75) (1000 tissues per box) (10 boxes per case)


Cruzin Caps – Prevent Spiling by using one of these stickers:

  • Beans, candycorn, moustache, cupcakes, hibiscus flowers, baseball, basketball, beach toys, butterflies, china pack, christmas quipes, clovers, conversation hearts, cows, custom, dice, easter eggs, fishies, flags, flowers, football, gingerbread man, hearts, inspiration, jack o’ latern, lady bugs, leaves, lips, milk %, mini, smiley, mittens, mocha madness, monkey faces, patriotic, paws, peppermint, pirates, pumpkins, quotations, reindeer, seashells, smiley face, snowflakes, snowman, soccer balls, st patricks day, sunshine, united states, word heart, loveable quotes, daisy, and thank you. (250 stickers per pack)


(For pricing or additional product information, please Contact Us. Thank you.)