Teas come from a single plant, the Camellia Sinensis. When left to wither, the tea leaves become fully-oxidized and turn black. Immediately steamed, they remain green and unoxidized. Oolong teas are partially-oxidized and range between green and black tea. White tea is the least processed and is exclusively the top leaf and bud of the tea plant. Numi is unique in its commitment to using whole leaf teas in its tea bags, not bitter-tasting tea dust or fannings. We do not use oils or flavorings to bolster taste. Instead, we add freeze-dried or real fruits to flavor teas, resulting in an authentic cup. Numi’s tea boxes are made of 100% post-consumer waste and the teabags are made of biodegradable material.


NEW Numi Teas and Teasans (16 ct)

  • Decaf Earl Grey – Decaf Assam black tea aged with real bergamot orange
  • Decaf Simply Green – Smooth, mellow and full-bodied decaf green tea

Numi Teas and Teasans (16 ct or 18 ct per box)

(6 boxes / case – minimum order 1 case)

(Also available in loose 1lb bulk bags)

  • Aged Earl Grey – Italian Bergamot Black Tea
  • Berry Black – Fruit & Darjeeling Blend
  • Bushmen’s Brew – Honeybush Teasan
  • Chinese Breakfast – Yunnan Tea
  • Dry Desert Lime – Lime Teasan
  • Golden Chai – Spiced Assam Black Tea
  • Green Rooibos – African Bush Teasan
  • Jasmine Green – Monkey King Tea
  • Orange Spice -  Moonlight Spice White Tea
  • Breakfast Blend – Morning Rise
  • Mate Lemon – Rainforest Green Myrtle Green Tea
  • Rooibos – Red Mellow Bush Teasan
  • Rooibos Chai – Spiced Rooibos Teasan
  • Moroccan Mint – Simply Mint Teasan
  •  Chamomile Lemon – Sweet Meadows Myrtle
  • Gunpowder Green – Temple of Heaven Tea

New Organic Puerh Teas:

  • Chocolate Puerh
  • Emperor’s Puerh
  • Mint Puerh

Other New Organic Teas:

  • White Rose – Velvet Garden
  • Toasted Rice – Gen Mai Cha Green
  • Decaf Ginger Lemon - Lemon Decaf Green
  • Decaf Black Vanilla – Indian Night

Supercritical CO2 Decaffeination Process:

After searching for a non-toxic organic process, Numi is excited to have full leaf teas that have been decaffeinated using the Supercritical CO2 extraction process sometimes referred to as “Effervescence.” The benefit of this process is that it maintains antioxidant levels and does not leave any chemical residues or reduce flavor.

  • Numi’s Assorted Collection (20 bags per box)


Flowering Teas are handsewn rosettes of fine tea leaves that elegantly bloom into a work of art when steeped in hot water. Hand-crafted premium white, green and black teas are included in the Flowering Tea line. Numi’s foodservice program contains over 20 Flowering Teas, presented in a clear-topped velvet tea chest and glass teapot that shows off the blooming petals. Numi also offers 10 Flowering Teas in Bamboo Bins, which will win the heart of any tea drinker.

Flowering Tea

  • Sunset Oolong
  • Shooting Star
  • Golden Jasmine
  • Jasmine Pearl
  • Assorted Bouquet (9 blossoms per box)
  • Dragon Lily (12 blossoms per box)
  • Flower Jewel (12 blossoms per box)
  • Starlight Rose (8 blossoms per box)


Numi Teapots

  • 14 oz. “Teahouse” Teapot
  • 16 oz. “Urban” Teapot



  • Numi Designer Tea Display Rack – Holds 8 or 12 varieties
  • Bamboo Display Box – 45 assorted tea / teasan bags

Retail Iced Tea
Let Numi’s new high quality iced teas enliven your tastebuds. Raising the standards for ice tea, Numi’s original flavors blend real freeze-dried fruits, pure herbs and premium full leaf teas, for a refreshing and authentic taste. Numi offers four ice tea blends, all are 100% Organic, Fair Trade Certified and packaged in a durable flow through pouch, which brews one quart. These refreshing flavors will cool the heat and awaken the senses. Each box of iced tea gives step by step instructions for preparing classic iced tea.


This brisk, classic iced tea has a refreshing citrus taste. Fair Trade Certified Oothu (pronounced oo-too) is an organic black tea from India, produced on a biodynamic tea garden using sustainable agricultural methods. We have blended this tea with real lemon, orange and lime. Robust with zing, Citrus Black releases that just-squeezed zest.
6 boxes to a case / 1 box (5 pouches)



Numi’s Minty Green brilliantly blends Moroccan Mint with a sweet green tea and hints of American ginseng for a fresh clean taste. Indulgashinna full leaf green tea from Sri Lanka is Fair Trade Certified. It also provides a myriad of health benefits along with ginseng that revitalize mind and spirit. Mingled with pure organic herbs and a touch of lemon peel, this cool and rejuvenating iced tea has a pleasant balance and can be drunk all day.
6 boxes to a case / 1 box (5 pouches)



This fruity splash sensation contains organic Rooibos, or Red Tea, succulent raspberries, tangy hibiscus and lime. Raspberry Red uses real, freeze-dried fruits and all natural organic herbs and flowers for a beverage full of authentic flavor. Delicious, healthy and caffeine-free, this Fair Trade Certified Rooibos iced tea is also great for children.
6 boxes to a case / 1 box (5 pouches)



Organic white tea is infused with scrumptious fruit for a sweet cool cup. Truly the first of its kind, Tropical White is all natural, blending genuine organic freeze-dried pineapple, strawberry, mango, and orange peel. Pai Mu Tan white tea is Fair Trade Certified and imparts a healthy, low-in-caffeine smoothness. Immerse your senses in this sweet pleasure.
6 boxes a case / 1 box (4 pouches)

Wholesale Iced Tea

Numi elevates iced tea standards with the finest organic whole-leaf teas, herbs and fruits ever found in an iced tea package. From pure-grade black tea leaves from the misty mountains of China to our tropical and exotic Yerba Mate, Lemon Myrtle blend, you will taste the Numi difference in every glass. Ten original blends come in durable flow through filter pouches that brew one gallon. At a competitive price and exceptional quality, Numi transforms iced tea into a premium beverage and a refreshing experience.



Delicious and fruity, this brilliant ruby Fruit tea blends dried hibiscus, currants, pineapple, apple, cherries, and bananas. Its naturally sweet taste makes it a true gem.
Quantity: 24 / 2 oz. pouches



The finest black iced tea made with single-estate, whole leaf, organic black tea leaves, bursting with rich flavors. It brews to an amber liquor low in astringency and clean on the palate.
Quantity: 24 / 1.2 oz. pouches


Organic and Fair trade brisk black tea brews a smooth flavorful glass.
Quantity: 24 / 1.2 oz. pouches

Organic and Fair trade smooth green tea infused with a refreshing lemon zest.
Quantity: 24 / 1.2 oz. pouches

Organic and Fair trade black tea blended with exotic fruits for a tropical flavor.
Quantity: 24 / 1.2 oz. pouches


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